Ronnie Landfield
Ronnie Landfield, Something Else, 1967-68

Something Else, 1967-68
Acrylic on Canvas, 96 X 96 inches

Ronnie Landfield's work of 1967-1968, using colored lines across colored fields, and painterly abstractions with allusions to nature, expressed his radical sense of quality and historical direction. In St. Augustine, he painted an asymmetrical, emotionally intense abstraction that combined several styles and expressions in one picture; hard edge borders, hard edge lines, stacks of brushed smears, on a deep red field. His paintings of 1969 were varied, some resembled Surrealist dreamscapes while others of 1969-1972 were inspired by Sung Dynasty Chinese Landscape Painting. He combined stained surfaces with hard edged colored bands, painted in different sizes across the bottom (some had abstract writing in them) and later, colored bands of different lengths and widths on the edges. The theme of landscape, flatness, the technique of staining, bands, calligraphy and articulate use of color have been streams of consistent interest in his work. Ronnie Landfield began exhibiting his paintings in New York City in1966. Since 1969 he has had nearly 50 solo exhibitions of his paintings in important contemporary galleries in the United States. His work has appeared in numerous group shows all over the world. His paintings are represented in many important museum and private collections in this country and abroad.

Lives in New York City