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John Koehler
John Koehler, Untitled, 2004
John Koehler, Untitled, 2004, 48 x 46 inches, oil and alkyd on canvas

For the past several years I have been developing a series of abstract paintings on canvas, which are primarily concerned with the expressive qualities of color and of the painting’s surface. Through the use of layering, glazing, scraping and scratching the paint surface, I have been investigating my interests in the passage of time, discovery and the process of painting itself. I have been striving to express my emotions, ideas and experiences by creating dynamic contrasts between opposites such as surface and depth, structure and fragmentation, the sensual application of paint and spiritual contemplation. My abstract paintings attempt to hold in tension such opposites on the flat two-dimensional picture plane with various textured layers of depth. I paint in a very improvisational manner, and emphasize the fluid and tactile immediacy of the materials.  Its goal is to create a visceral experience; a soulful response to color, texture, surface and the expressive nature of paint.