Victor Christ
Victor Christ, Vortex, 1997
Victor Christ, Vortex, 1997, 84 x 104 inches, acrylic on canvas

Splendor abounds in Victor Christ’s plush abstractions. His vital contours and lines cascade across the vast canvases, circling, floating, puffing, swirling. The models of perfected shape and dashing bands seem the result of daring skill and fanatic patience as the paint mazes into natural shapes, half-calculated, half-spontaneous; a carnality as rooted in the lush color as in the vibrant, abundant and often suspended motion. Here action painting lacks its original essence because it somehow knows its destination, has a kind of foresight into its own final look. That is why Christ’s shining ethereality directs itself so freely to apparent construction. There is a substantial risk in his massive scale, but that is instantly brought under control by his unification between image and convoluted space. It has abandoned its concentration of sublime weight by turning brilliant. Victor Christ domesticates eternity by creating it beautiful.