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Leslie Lewis
Leslie Lewis, Unknown, 2002
Leslie Lewis, Unknown, 2002, 12 1/4 x 9 1/8 inches, Gouach

— Artist's Statement

I have been painting off and on since art school (1969) and have become more active because I think the contemporary art world is sadly lacking in work that has a strong emphasis on the abstract qualities of color, form, and interplay with the surrounding environment. There does not always appear to be much consideration given to the presentation of beauty as one of the primary functions of art, to how it enhances our lives and inspires us to reach farther than we otherwise would.

The shape and arrangement of the physical support of a painting, and of the image placed on it (using line, form and color), should interact together to give the viewer a sense of movement and excitement – of a new discovery. It should draw these feelings out of the viewer without an immediate rejection of the work as esoteric or threatening. I don't see the beholder of art as an inherently passive entity, but as an active participant in a visual and emotional experience – in a conversation that is informed by interactions between form, color and space. Strong color allied to simple geometric forms is used to define a visual space that extends beyond the boundaries of the canvas, and to lead the viewer into a visual dialogue on a visceral level.