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Robert Hague


Robert Hague, Eden Lost , 2002

Robert Hague, Eden Lost , 2002, 62.5 x 31.5 x 23 cm, Painted steel

"Recently, I have given myself permission to introduce a more sensual, almost figurative element to my work – as I have long been attracted to the subtle tension of curve against curve. I've not sought to push concept or elaborate meaning with mysculpture. Instead, working to the deceptively simple demands of form, allowing the work to reach a conclusion free of implied meaning. Each piece should follow its own rules, and live or fail on the strength of its form, alone."

I just realised that 'thumbs up' could be limited to Australian lingo. I just meant to say that I toured about your huge site, and found a lot of excellent content. Your site, and indeed your own amazing work has given me a boost.

I've had my doubts about my own work, and the counter-to-trend direction it's taking.
Truth is I can only make what comes from my head and hands anyway, LOL.

— Robert Hague 2002