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Clint Mallard — Digital Art




Distant Observation , 1999 Kinda reminds me of viewing from earth (via the Hubbell space telescope) a process of some sort on Mars. Its all Biblical I guess. It is a process or time line representing the growing of the 7 heads/7 horns/7 minds that are converging and giving birth to one leader. The name of this (future) leader is Lucifer.

Created in Painter 5.5


The Object, 1999

The wall that is built up in order to protect others from ones real self. The cage that keeps that one from becoming free.

My name is Clint Mallard. I am 26 years old — interested in abstract stuff — non-profesional. I did attend CalArts (CSSSA summer program) way back in high school and have been in some shows localy (heck, I even won some cash). I am doing work in Painter 5.5, but I have not printed them out/framed them etc. — I do have some ready to hang (acrylic on canvas). I thought about going to Kinko's. It will cost about $60. to have them print one out to approx. 2' x 3' in size. I'm not sure about sticking to any one style — just go w/ the flow I guess.

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