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Mark Robertson, lightwing 1.4-1, 2003

lightwing 1.4-1, 2003

experimenting with just how much you can limit the range of the rendering engine
finish isn't everything
i mean, that one of the things about abstraction, no? paring it down to what works with the stuff that already in our head can work and as well as the stuff you learn in school
although i don't think i have enough time left on the planet to do this one at full res

lightwing 1.5-1
lightwing 1.5-1
same thing but with soft-edge blinds over the light. 16 bit stochastic, 4x oversampling, no antialias
Flag Blinds, 2003

a couple of days fooling around with those striped pattern logarithmic arc'd spline solids, radiosity this, radiosity that stochastic this - how far down can you push it and have it look interesting instead of how far up since i obviously am not going to be alive on the planet long enough to test all the cases of the latter turn the strips this way and that and tweak the color here and there watch the moiré pattern leak away and the light collector amplifier doing its imitation of "you're staring really hard at this" hypercolor sort of thing and then i turn the spline objects into skinned object, and then use the deskinner to peel the outside off the ribs and yes there they are all lined up in a nice row like i could have done in days if i hadn't thought to do it this way and now there's these primitive slats at exact right angles to where the skin used to be, all arranged along the chord of the original curve and yes it still throws a shadow - An interesting and presumptuous young shape that draws upon historical referents to give it body - some faint echoes of the architectonically organic, with a brief aftertaste of nascent casus belli or causus bonum ribbonforms - symbols calling us to war or to our dead and missing and sick unto death friends, this yellow ribbon, that red or pink curl there in your lapel on your blouse that house or tree these red white blue striped blinds and who will mourn for the 1st and 2nd and all the other shackled amendments that formerly so joyfully leavened our polity and country turn on the radiosity and stochastic sampler and go with 1 32 2 32 1 1 we know there's no point in setting front and backface sampling caches because everything is going to be so unique

Flag Blinds - an irony butterfly signed and sealed this july 4th 2003

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