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Ronald Davis  
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Butler Instistute of American Art • Oct. 6 – Nov. 17, 2002

NEW Ronald Davis: Forty Years of Abstraction 1962–2002

Catalogue of the survey retrospective at the Butler Institute of American Art. Contains the essay "Ronald Davis: The Essence of Abstraction," by Ronnie Landfield, statements by the artist, and an intro by Dr. Lou Zona, and many images.

Butler Cover

New York Academy of Science • Sept. 23– Dec. 5, 1996

1996 Finity/Infinity

Catalogue for the exhibition at the New York Academy of Science. Essay by theoretical pyhsicist Hans Christian von Baeyer.

Finity/Infinity Cover

University Gallery • San Diego State Feb 1 – Mar. 5, 1980

1980 Ronald Davis Paintings


The Oakland Museum • July 13 – Sept. 5, 1976

1976 Ronald Davis Paintings 1962-1976

Catalog for the twenty-five painting survey retrospective at the
Oakland Museum in 1976. Essay by Charles Kessler.

Oakaland Cover

Norman Mackenzie Art Gallery • Sept. 12 – Oct. 19, 1969

1969 Ron Davis: Eight Paintings

Catalog for the eight painting (early) exhibition at the
University of Saskatchewan in 1969. Essay by Terry Fenton.

Univ. of Sask.

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