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  Ronald Davis  
Catalogs One-Man Shows
2002 Ronald Davis: Forty Years of Abstraction 1962–2002 Catalogue of the survey retrospective at the Butler Institute of American Art. Contains the essay "Ronald Davis: The Essence of Abstraction," by Ronnie Landfield, statements by the artist, and an intro by Dr. Lou Zona, and many images.
1986 Finity / Infinity, The Art of Ronald Davis. Catalog essay by theoretical physicist Hans Christian von Bayer. “A Reflection on the Art of Ronald Davis.” Catalogue for an exhibition at the New York Academy of Sciences, New York, N. Y., September 23 thru December 5, 1986. 12 pages. [goto]
1980 Ronald Davis Paintings. Essays by Susan C. Larson: “Imagine a Space, A Form, A World: The Paintings of Ronald Davis,” and “Ron Davis ‘Floater’ Paintings.” Catalogue for an exhibition at the University Gallery, San Diego State University, San Diego, California. February 1 thru March 2, 1980. 23 pages.
1979 Ron Davis Paintings. Seaver Colege, Pepperdine University, Malibu, California. 4 pages. 1979
1977 John McCracken. Ronald Davis at University of Nevada, Church Fine Arts Gallery. “Ronald Davis Subjectivized by John McCracken.” Catalogue for a one-man exhibition at the Church Fine Arts Gallery, University of Nevada/Reno, March 11 thru April 8, 1977, 14 pages.
1976 Charles Kessler: catalogue essay, Ronald Davis’ Paintings, 1962 - 1976. Catalogue for a retrospective exhibition at the Oakland Museum of Art, Special Gallery. July 13 - September 5, 1976. Introduction by George W. Neubert. Essay: The Technique of Ronald Davis’ Plastic Paintings. by Ben B. Johnson. 48 pages.
1969 Terry Fenton. Ron Davis: Eight Paintings. Catalogue for a one-man exhibition at the Norman MacKenzie Art Gallery, University of Saskatchewan, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. September 12 thru October 19, 1969.
1967 Barbara Rose. "A New Aesthetic". Catalogue, Washington, D. C. Gallery of Modern Art.
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