Peter Young
Peter Young, #15, 1968

# 15, 1968
96 X 108 inches, Acrylic on Canvas

Peter Young in 1967, with a stunning series of star-dot paintings, merged the simplicity of minimalism with a conscious inclusion of content. The paintings simultaneously read as both deep-space night skies (stars) and dots on a canvas. That same year, Peter Young painted a series of abstract paintings that were tight clusters of primary colored dots on white fields. He also painted a related series with secondary colored dots on white fields, and a smaller group with gray dots on white fields. As attempts to paint light, the paintings have a molecular nature, and are reminiscent of Seurat's pointillism. In the case of the gray paintings and some other works of Peter Young's there is a meditative quality. By the end of the sixties Young also painted several series of multi-colored dot paintings. Peter Young began exhibiting his paintings in 1966. His work was included in important group exhibitions around the world by the late sixties. He had important solo exhibitions in New York, Los Angeles, and Cologne, Germany. Historian Ellen Johnson wrote a definitive article about his work that appeared as the ArtForum cover story in April 1971. His paintings are in many important museum and private collections.

Born in 1940, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Resides in Bisbee, Arizona since 1971