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Damon Hildreth
Damon Hildreth, Ecto No. 2, 2004
Damon Hildreth, Ecto # 2, 2004, 36 x 28 x 42 inches, Powder Coated Steel


The purpose of art has changed from early times to the present.   In early times art served magical and religious purposes as amulets, totems and as objects of worship.  Art in modern times has moved far from its early purposes to become an instrument of entertainment.  The art critic Kenneth Baker wrote about this changing purpose of art:

“At one time, close to its classical and iconic roots, Western art aspired to magical functions: literally to conjure the presence or spiritual force of a depicted figure.   But the modern world thinks of the art object as a stimulus to contemplation and enjoyment rather than an incantatory device.”

My goal as an artist is to do both, to create form that reflects the visible as well as the hidden, that speaks to a deeper reality within the viewer.    My aim is to embody in my work a sense of presence, a sense of life.

— Damon Hildreth

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