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R.C. Gorman
R.C. Gorman, Rug Theme IV, 1974
R.C. Gorman, Rug Theme IV, 1974 and 2004, size unknown, Lithograph (Tamarind)

According to Navajo legend, it was the Spider Woman who taught the Navajos to weave. On a magic loom made of earth and sky by the Spider Man and with spindles of turquoise, abalone, and thunderbolts, she taught the women the art of weaving, a craft for which the Navajos have been famous for longer than "six generations can remember."

R.C. Gorman, in honor of this legend, has named [this] suite of lithographs HOMAGE TO SPIDER WOMAN. Completed in September 1974, the suite consists of four multi-colored prints of Navajo rug designs, each hand-printed at the prestigious Tamarind Institute in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Each lithograph is signed and numbered by the artist and bears the embossed chop of Tamarind and the senior printer, Lynn Baker. After the edition of seventy impressions was printed, the stones used were defaced and documented to guarantee the limits of the edition.

— Virginia Dooley, 1974, Taos, New Mexico

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