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David Novros
David Novros, Silver, 1966
David Novros, Untitled (silver), 1966, __ x __ inches, Oil on Canvas, 6 parts

David Novros is one of the most important exponents of the tendency within American Minimalism called Systemic Painting. Untitled (silver) consists of canvases cut into L-shapes, with a gold ground painted over with silver. The unusual depth of the individual elements underlines a sculptural element within the installation as a whole. The artist abandons the integral, two-dimensional image, preferring an architectural space instead of "flatness", as emphasized by the minimalist painting of artists like Barnett Newman or Frank Stella.

Novros's work makes the wall an essential element of the composition. The work operates at the interface between wall and space, emphasizing "painting as wall" (David Novros). The colored works predominate within the work group made up of multipartite picture objects, playing with monochromy remains the exception. Novros transported the concept of the L-shape into wall painting, which was to remain a key working area for a long time, in the early 70s.