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Julie Karabenick
Julie Karabenick, Comp. 35
Julie Karabenick, Composition 35, 2003, 30 x 30 inches, Acrylic on Canvas

Notions of opposition and contrast are central to my art – to its structure, its generation and its intent. With respect to the work's formal qualities, the shapes I use are simple, symmetrical and closely related; however, I strive for compositions that are relatively complex, asymmetrical and novel. The constituent rectangles are stable, idealized forms; however, I try to cast them into dynamic, precariously balanced relations. My working methods reflect a mix of intuition and analysis, spontaneity and deliberation. The process begins with rapid, relatively uncensored paper and pencil sketches. It concludes with weeks or months of experimentation and refinement on the computer. I use technology as an aid to both intuitive and analytic modes of inquiry. My work reflects both my preference for order and clarity as well as a certain restlessness and curiosity If successful, my paintings arouse the viewer's sense of beauty and engage the intellect, the emotions, and the senses just as these faculties were involved in their creation.

— Julie Karabenick

— Lives in Michigan

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