Rod Schneider
Rod Schneider,  Howlin' at the Moon, 2004
Howlin' at the Moon, 2004, 16 x 24 inches, Oil on canvas


Simplicity. Perhaps if there is any word to best describe my art, and in fact, me, it would be simplicity.

I abhor unnecessary complexity and I seek to avoid it, not just in my abstract art but in my landscapes and still life's as well.

In early 2003 I painted my first abstract paintings, and discovered that I rather liked it. Since that time I've become increasing interested in abstract expressionism. I've been very drawn to the work of Mondrian, Pollock and Rothko. These three artists, to me, pushed back the boundaries of art while still retaining a simplicity and dignity that I admire.

I've started to apply the concept of simplicity to my landscapes, as seen in my generic beach scene "La plage", and also in my still life work as can be seen in my sunflower paintings. These paintings create a scene into which the viewer can mentally add whatever details are desired. We all already do that subconsciously, so I'm trying to take advantage of that.

I might add here though, that while I certainly have my own ideas about art in general, and techniques in particular. I take great care never to look down my nose at anyone else's work. I treat everyone's efforts with respect and demand the same in return. I do what I do, I paint what I paint. If you like it great, if you don't, just keep going.

— Rod Schneider