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These are the artists whose work is important and influential to the artists (lyrical abstractionists and abstract illusionists) upon whom this site focuses. Without them we would be nowhere. It must start with the work of Jackson Pollock, America's greatest painter.

Jackson Pollock 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. America's Greatest Artist.
Unknown Sculptor The She-Wolf.
José Clemente Orozco Mexican muralist that influenced Pollock.
Tan'g Yin Chinese Landscape Painting.
Katsushika Hokusai Japanese Master.
Paolo Uccello Renaissance master of perspective.
Francisco Goya Miró's favorite.
Edouard Manet The first modernist, and a good lemon painter.
Gustave Caillebotte Friend, collaborator, and major patron to the Impressionist painters.
Georges Seurat Neo-Impressionist.
Vincent van Gogh Flower Painter. 
William Harnett Master of illusion.
Thomas Eakins American Realist.
Winslow Homer,2. Was the master portrayer of outdoor life in America.
Albert Pinkam Ryder, 2. Revered expressionist American painter — Pollock's favorite.
Claude Monet Master Impressionist and precursor to 20th century painting.
Piet Mondrian Non-Objective.
Newspacer Henri Mattisse "Matisse's own kind of Cubism"
Robert Delaunay,2. Amazing Colour Orphic Cubist.
Patrick Henry Bruce,2. Early 20th Century Cubist and a precursor of Abstract Illusionism.
Newspacer Morgan Russell Another Colour Orphic Cubist.
Marsden Hartley A painting of New Mexico by this American modern master.
NewspacerAuthur Dove This early abstractionist gives us some sun.
NewspacerJohn Marin The master of watercolor.
NewspacerWassily Kandinsky,2. This early abstractionist went geometric.
Kazimir Malevich Early 20th Century Constructivist and a precursor of Abstract Illusionism.
Giorgio Morandi Bottle Etcher.
Augustus Vincent Tack Beautiful.
Edward Hopper Excellent and lonely.
M. C. Escher Trickster.
Max Weber Do it in pastel !
William Baziotes Septer.
NewspacerFranz Kline,2,3, 4. First generation Abstract Expressionist.
Robert Motherwell Abstract Expressionist.
Hans Hofmann Abstract Expressionist.
NewspacerClyfford Still, 2, 3, 4. Abstract Expressionist.
Mark Tobey Northwest Abstract Expressionist.
Adolph Gottleib Abstract Expressionist.
Mark Rothko,2. An Abstract Expressionist who really used color.
NewspacerBarnett Newman,2. Abstract Expressionist and Colorfield Painter.
6-22-03 NewspacerLorser Feitelson One of the original "Hard Edge" Painters.
John McLaughlin Original "Hard Edge" Painter with Soul.
Georgia O'Keeffe America's foremost woman artist?
Philip Guston,2. Abstract Expressionist.
Herbert Bayer Modern.
Max Bill,2. Architect, painter, sculptor, politician, educationalist, writer, in short, a 'universal creator'.
Bridget Riley,2. Optical Artist.
Isamu Noguchi Sculptor.
Alfred Jensen A Periodic Table.
Joan Miró Late in his life Miró embraced Lyrical Abstraction.
Jon Schuler Second Wave Abstract Expresionist.
Edward Dugmore Second Wave Abstract Expresionist.
Edward Corbett,2, 3. Second Wave Abstract Expresionist.
Jack Jefferson,2. San Francisco Abstract Expressionist.
NewspacerFrank Lobdell,2,3. San Francisco Abstract Expressionist.
Fred Martin, 2, 3,4. San Francisco Abstract Expressionist and teacher.
Richard Diebenkorn,2. One of the best of the left coast.
Morris Louis,2. Inventor of Lyrical Abstraction.
Helen Frankenthaler The "bridge" between Pollock and the rest of us.
Jules Olitski Sprayed.
Joan Brown  
Sam Francis The other of the best of the left coast.
Joan Mitchell A latter painting by one of the "second generation" of abstract expressionists.
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