Thibaut Dancette
Thibaut Dancette, Abstract, 2002
Abstract, 2002, 23 x 24 inches, Oil on canvas

Born in Lyon, France, Thibaut Dancette has no formal education in art. "My father refused that I study at the school of "beaux-arts". Thibaut discovered his passion for creating art when he began painting colorful oil on canvas. "now the passion for creation burns inside me, and there is no way to extinguish it"

His current themes: women, animals, still life and "writings" ... "but the subject does not really matter. A figure is an element that only greets the person looking at the work, and that enables me to use lines and powerful colors, without being too abstract".

His research relates to the textures, to the colors, to the lights, and to the lines. Since 2000 he has sold over 200 paintings to collectors in the United States, Canada, Europe, Lebanon and other countries.

His hobbies include: collecting modern and contemporary art, paleonthology and archaeology, and travel.

— A. D.