Noah Landfield
Noah Landfield, Turning Worlds, 2001-2002
Turning Worlds, 2001-2002, 100 x 84 inches, 254 x 218.4 cm, Oil and Enamel on Canvas

Noah Landfield is of a new generation of young painters who aim to expand on the influences of Abstract Expressionism, Color Field and Landscape painting by exploring, fusing, and furthering these traditions of paintings. His paintings resoundingly refute the cries that "Painting is DEAD!" that we have been hearing for the last forty years.

Landfield's paintings of volcanic terrain have an overall gestural and abstract quality. His paintings are saturated with stained in color and explode with layers of paint-drawn topographical lines. Landfield uses dashes, dabs and drips of paint to delineate the "Landscape", while at the same time, his marks appear like fields of Zen-like automatic writing.

Turning Worlds is included in Noah Landfield's debut exhibition at the Sideshow Gallery, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY. He recently graduatied from the School of Visual Arts, NYC