Ron McCardle
Ron McCardle, Facial Extreme, 2000
Ron McCardle, Facial Extreme, 2000, 36 x 24 inches, Acrylic on Canvas

I paint the landscape of the human experience to include the full spectrum of the physical, the emotional, the analytical, and the spiritual. These four aspects of our experience are represented in four unique and separate styles. The physical is represented by a blend of chaotic lines and pools of color that display the pure, unconscious energy that is our driving force. The emotional is depicted with delicate lines that move in a long and unified direction that represents the flowing movement of the feelings we encounter. The analytical is presented with solid, clearly defined angles of color, much as the conscience reasons and defines our view of the world. And the spiritual is portrayed using fluid planes of color that move and blend together as our own spirit does with the spiritual.

I have also expanded this dialogue further by representing combined abstractions of two of the four expressions presented together. In this way, I can render a fuller and more complete expression of ourselves and illustrate how one experience is affected by another.

— Ron McCardle

Lives in Bellingham, Washington