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Thanks for your interest and kind words for I started ab-art in 1997 when there was almost no abstraction on the web, Dreamweaver did not exist, and wiki was just an idea, and kept it active until 2004. By that time, artists and galleries found it relatively easy to create their own sites, and it became obvious that ab-art had outlived its usefulness in promoting abstraction, and its coding was obsolete.

The site is NOW archived only, and I am not adding new artists.

— Ronald Davis



New Gallery, Feb 06 

Ronald Davis – Ring, 1968
Currently on display in the lobby of the Museum of Modern Art, NYC January–September 2007

Ronald Davis: One Man Exhibition at the New Gallery, Houston, TX
Feb 15 - Mar 17, 2007
NEW GALLERY – Thom Andriola, 2627 Colquitt, Houston, Texas, 77098, 713 520-7053



.We make contemporary abstract art. Abstract Expressionism is our teacher — Jackson Pollock is our mentor. We have been labeled as Abstract Illusionists or Lyrical Abstractionists. We learned from classic art, old art, modern art, modernism, the constructivists, the color field painters, minimal art, our culture, in fact the history of art since the caveman. We now take our place in creating twenty-first century art.



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